Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Greetings TOP (Tours Of Peace) Vietnam Veterans blog readers.

TOP has several venues for communicating to supporters, participants, applicants, Vietnam veterans; families, and the public interested in issues and information pertaining to the Vietnam War, Vietnam as it is today, Vietnam veterans and families, as well as our organization. Our web site offers the big picture. TOP newsletters bring everyone up to date. Our Education Program often presents TOP and our mission to the public one-on-one and to groups. As well, e-mails address specific inquiries.

A good blend of “all of the above” is our blog. It adds a softer touch to our web site and newsletters. Our blog attempts to personalize TOP for our readers–share thoughts, issues, answer questions, bring our readers up-to-date in “real time” and offer a way to interact with TOP. It is an extension of the web site, newsletters and our public presentations. In some ways the blog may be considered as our newsletter in real time.

Details that cannot be included on the web site format, or information that is too cumbersome for our newsletters may find its way on the blog.

The blog will continue to maintain TOP’s policy of being non-political and nonreligious. We will not take sides to issues, but present the facts, especially as they relate to TOP Vietnam Veterans, our programs and mission.

The blog is more casual. Whereas, the Web Site is TOP dressed in Suit and tie; the newsletter is our sport jacket; the blog is TOP casual dress. It should allow our readers to get a closer access to TOP and our operations. Perhaps you can also get to know our participants, applicants and audience a little better too.

We invite you to enjoy the blog, and participate with your feelings, feedback and suggestions. We will be monitoring and screening input; however, some of your comments and contributions may be included.

Please also feel free to share the blog with your friends, and those who might benefit from TOP and our programs.

We look forward to sharing and hearing from you.