Thursday, August 11, 2016

Before and After TOP

An Orphan's Photo Story

Soon, TOP will make some important announcements. Please keep visiting our Facebook site, blog and web site. Until then, our next posts will reflect on the fantastic work we have done for nearly two decades. For example, here is an example of TOP helping to provide health and happiness to all those we have been important to. Below, are "before and after" photos of an orphan, at an orphanage we have helped.  Please appreciate these photos of the same orphan--one taken in 2005, and the other taken months ago.  (As well, we will end this piece with a handful of photos of this orphan, taken throughout the years.)

These pictures demonstrate that not only has TOP been important to health, but we have been a part of the happiness (lacking in many of those, before TOP came along and served them).