Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Not a bandaid solution

The TOP Scholarship

Since TOP (Tours Of Peace) Vietnam Veterans was conceived, efforts to support children have been a mainstay of our humanitarian work in Vietnam.  We do this in many ways.  However, a long-term solution was developed years ago:  The TOP Scholarship.

Since November of 2004, Vietnamese National Television has covered the majority of TOP presentations.  The print media has covered past ceremonies as well.  It is an honor that the Vietnamese people and government acknowledge the scholarship in TOP’s name.

The TOP name and logo can be found on school uniforms, on the back of wheelchairs, and TOP is honored with its scholarship name.

The heart of this project surrounds TOP’s belief that education is a long-term solution to poverty and hardship.  Disadvantaged children, without resources--but with intellectual potential--receive their scholarships.  This is a major event in their lives.  TOP delegates meet them, personally present their scholarships, have opportunities to interact with them, and congratulate them on their hard work.  In Vietnam, this scholarship is called "The TOP Scholarship."  The majority of students receiving scholarships come from remote, impoverished villages in the Quang Tri region.  Some of the students and their parents travel many miles to receive their scholarship.

Additionally, our delegation often circulates among the children—shaking hands and “talking” to them.  Even if both TOP delegates and Vietnamese children cannot understand each other, we all understand the language of love and appreciation.

This October 2015 we return for another TOP Scholarship.  Please join us in spirit with your gifts and donations; your presence will be felt!


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