Thursday, September 29, 2016

Update on TOP family member, Ut

Friends and family until the end

Before TOP was TOP, on the very first trip TOP's Founder took to Vietnam, he met Ut. At age 10, Ut's home & family were destroyed from a bombing and she survived, losing both legs. After recovering, she was accepted at a nursing care facility in 1967 and has remained a resident there to this day. Despite the tragic circumstances that led to losing her family and legs, Ut embrace all of us who would come to see her year-after-year, as friends and family.  She was always first to greet us with tears of happiness and when we would depart she shed tears of sadness. She was one of the stars that came into alignment and influenced TOP's creation and continuance for so many years. Every TOP Tour Of Peace has included a project at Ut's Elder Home. She has been a source of inspiration for TOP's Founder and all of those who have met her for nearly two decades. She is part of the TOP Family--considered a close family member. Many of us are sad about her terminal liver cancer.  Our hearts hurt.  Please visit one of our TOP family member's update on Ut. We are grateful for Elaine's blog post updating us on one of TOP's most inspirational family members--one of the reasons TOP came into existence. Please click below for the latest update on this amazing TOP family member, Ut: