Thursday, November 10, 2016

What We Have Fought For

As the dust begins to settle after the election and we ready for Veterans Day:

We thank all Americans who voted for making the symbolic gesture of acknowledging what veterans and fallen soldiers have fought for since the 1700's.  No matter who Americans vote for ... no matter what party they are a member of ... no matter issues voters side with -- no matter genders or races, each vote adds up to a bigger picture:  For centuries Americans of all genders, races, religions, political belief systems have fought for our right to vote in this great country.  Our votes may be diverse, but cumulatively we vote together as a country.  We are able to do this after a great cost of lives and sacrifice of mind & spirit of those who gave us this privilege.  On the day after an extremely emotional election, we now all come together--all parties, genders, races and religions--and express gratitude to those present, and throughout history, who have given us this honor, privilege and right to vote ... perhaps after each four year election cycle, Veterans Day underscores why we celebrate it November 11th--so close to our November 8th election.

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