Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Memorial Day remembers and honors those who have died in our nation's service; particularly from battle or war wounds.  Those who say, "Happy Memorial Day," do not understand this solemn time. Most Americans confuse Memorial Day as a time for celebration, fun, bar-b-que's, and huge sale events.

Before you bite into that burger, say a prayer of thanks to those who made the ultimate sacrifice so you can enjoy what you are about to partake. If you shop the sales, remember that these possessions and services are courtesy of our military dead.
 Please think of those who died, veterans who lost their buddies, and families who lost their loved ones, before you utter, "Happy Memorial Day!" It is not a day of happiness, but of remembrance and honoring.

Today, we turn our thoughts and activities to reflect all those who died in the line of service. We also keep surviving families close to our hearts; their sacrifice continues on a different battlefield.

 As we go about our day today, please be mindful that this is a day for the dead. Envision in your minds-eye spending the day in a cemetery where the heroes we honor on Memorial Day have been laid to rest.

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