Monday, October 6, 2008

Bandaid For the Heart

Inside the handwritten envelope were the words, "Welcome home, big brother, from Little Sis."

The letter contained a polished symbolic heart with a bandage over it. Ironically, the medal was made of the same stainless steel our dog tags were issued on (perhaps poignantly & gently suggesting it is time to retire our tags in our hearts).

"It's been a long time comin' . . . Welcome Home."

It was appropriate that this medal come from the "Heartland." The medal was sent by Monica Harvey from Stapleton, Nebraska.

Monica's unusual story began after surviving a freak Veterans Day parade in 2001. Since then, "Little Sis" has felt compelled to perform in Veterans Homes, hospitals, psychiatric wards, biker rallies, rides, reunions, tributes and traveling walls.

Over the years, Vietnam veterans, who have come to know & appreciate Monica, have bestowed her with the nickname "Little Sis."

Her "Bandaid For the Heart" is a tangible part of her cause and support.

Monica's letter ended with the words, "Let them never be forgotten."

Little Sis' medal was reverently placed on a favorite cap, and when worn, a "Welcome Home" can be heard deep within.

To Little Sis, we say with enthusiastic gratitude, "Thank you!" Vietnam veterans will proudly wear the medal you present us. All Vietnam veterans should have a sister like you.

Please know that it is never too late to welcome a Vietnam veteran home.

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