Monday, October 13, 2008

Let's Continue to Bring Them Home

This personal treasure, was likely worn by Roger Dale Cole, over his heart, or laced in his boots on the 12th of November, 1970, when he was shot and killed in Vietnam. Roger was only twenty-one years-old. We can only speculate why the tag was separated from his body and remained in Vietnam until TOP recovered it. Almost three decades later, TOP returned this precious item home to surviving family in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Roger would have been 59 years old today. He is immortalized on "The Wall."

We invite you to visit TOP's Dog Tag List where you will see many other personal effects which have been "Returned to Family" of many other soldiers lost to the War. (Roger's name is also commemorated on our "We Remember" page.)

Please also explore our web site's "TOP in the News" section which includes many TOP Personal Effects stories. For example, reporter Jennifer Caprioli of the Tobyhanna Reporter recently wrote about Vietnam veteran, Jim Sulima's found & returned dog tag, in the article, "Piece of veteran's identity returns from the past."

Personal effects are returned to veterans and surviving families--without charge--as a free TOP service to the recipients. Returns acknowledge service & sacrifice; a symbolic "Thank you" and "Welcome Home" to veterans and families. This cause is all made possible by TOP volunteers and supporters. There are costs associated with Personal Effects returns--together, with your financial gifts, "we bring them home."

A dog tag worn by Killed-In-Action soldier Russell Evans, now rests with his family.

TOP supporters make gifts to "TOP Vietnam Veterans" in Tucson, in order to keep the seemless return of these effects. Together, we continue to bring them home. As well, TOP thanks and recognizes the financial sacrifice of our supporters in their role of making this all happen.

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